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Taizhou Kede Chemical Co., Ltd

Sales Director: Mou Hui

Mobile: 13093829633 (WeChat same number)

QQ: 377299416

Sales Manager: Chu Xiang

Mobile: 13736603231 (WeChat same number) 

QQ: 125116155

E-mail (Ministry of Internal Trade): sales@kedechemical.com

E-mail (Ministry of Foreign Trade): sales01@kedechemical.com

E-mail (Technical Department): service@kedechemical.com

Website: www.kedechemical.com

Address: Address: No. 411, Juxiang Avenue, Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province

Taizhou Kede Chemical Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the research and development of new drugs, mainly producing chemical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials and pilot production. In order to meet the regulatory needs of customers, we can provide products ranging from grams to thousands of tons and tons. We can also use DMF and other documents to support our customers to complete registration. In 2015, we have obtained the GMP certification of chloroform prostaglandin series products, which can provide a series of GMP for the production of prostaglandins.

The company's objectives:

Provide "better technology, better quality, better price and better service"

Main products of the company:

Anifennet, micafen, carbofennet, posaconazole, etc. (anti infection)

Isapiron, Agatroban, Decitabine, Ivimox, etc. (anticancer)

Epsomycin B, tacrolimus, sirolimus, sirolimus ester, etc. (fermentation)

Bimaprost, latanoprost, trevoprost, chloroprostenol sodium, etc. (prostaglandins)

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