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Company Profile

Taizhou KEDE Chemical Co., Ltd. is specialized in the New Drug Researching and Developing, and mainly manufacture Chemical Intermediates, Pharmaceutical APIs and Pilot Production. To meet customers regulatory needs, we can offer products from gram to kilo and tons scale, and we can also support our customers with the DMF and other documents to Complete the registration. In 2015, we have got certification of GMP for our Cloprostenol series products, and we can offer a series of Prostaglandins which made in GMP plant.

Our Targets:
"Best Technic; Better Quality; Better Price; Better Service"

Main Products:
Cloprostenol,Dinoprost tromethamine,Carboprost etc. (Prostaglandins)
Anidulafungin,Micafungin,Caspofungin,Posaconazole etc. (Anti-Infective)
Ixabepilone, Argatroban, Decitabine, Everolimus etc. (Anti-Tumor)
Epothilone B, Tacrolimus, Rapamycin,Temsirolimus etc. (Fermentation)
Bimatoprost, Latanoprost, Travoprost, Cloprostenol etc.(Prostaglandins)